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TJ Kelly

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I am 27, and have had terrible vision since I was about 9 years old. A friend of mine – a dentist – recommended I see Dr. Lewis. What I found was the BEST DEAL not only financially, but in terms of the AFTERCARE and TRUST IN THE TEAM. Forget these other companies like Lasik Institute or other groups who use bait-and-switch tactics to make you feel like you’re getting a “limited time offer”. I remember sitting down with those other groups and having a salesperson say “This is my best offer”. Excuse me? This is my ocular health we are talking about! Lewis Lasik skips the financial drama, they have a very affordable flat rate. I am VERY PROUD to be able to say that I went from needing glasses to do virtually anything, to a cool 20/15 eyesight. I have a new appreciation for life and the inherent details to the world around me – without the fog or faint smear that never wiped off my old glasses. I am recommending my friends to go there, because being able to see is such a blessing.