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Dear Doctors Lewis & Lare:

Just a note of thanks. It has been a true blessing for me to be able to see very well. I might add without glasses! It is most amazing to wake up in the morning & be able to see the clock across the room! I guess I’ll no longer be needing those “sleeping glasses” I mangled into the perfect shape of my head! My stories of satisfaction could go on and on and I’d never been able to express my gratitude to both of you for your expertise, professionalism & kindness.
At this time, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention and sing the praises of a particular member of the LASIK team – Sue Cross. From the very first time I called your office for an evaluation, Sue has been a wealth of information. She has worn the hat of patient advocate, educator, and “hand holder” during the procedure – these are only a few-of the many attributes she brings to work everyday! Sue’s professionalism never wavered. Her enthusiasm is infectious, her compassion and sincerity is so clearly evident. I’ve had the opportunity to observe Sue in action on several occasions and I’ve overhead more than one patient comment on her manner – “Isn’t she great”, “she’s so nice”, “Sue is wonderful” are some of the comment I’ve heard and whole heartedly agree with!! From a personal standpoint Sue makes me feel comfortable and at ease whenever I come into the office. Sue is a treasure and a tremendous asset to your team. After having my LASIK procedure done there I’d only refer to you – as far as I’m concerned your whole team is wonderful!Again, please accept my heartfelt thanks-to all of you!