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Dear Dr. Lewis,

I feel the need to thank you for my new vision in my right eye. Hopefully and confidently I expect to enjoy many more surprises after my left eye surgery. I can see things I haven’t seen well in recent years, even with my glasses – clear clock numbers across the room, beads of water on the shower wall, dirt and dust in places I readily ignored, reading books without eye strain and easier threading of my sewing seedless, to name a few.

But there was a shocking down side after my first reflection from my mirror. I found a much older looking me than I previously knew, with more gray in my hair than I realized, and very tired looking eyes surrounded by more and deeper wrinkles than before. Now I must come to grips with the fact that I am 83 years old in spite of how great I feel.

But my gratitude remains as I accept my “new – old” look. God bless your with continued special talents to help others see better.

In appreciation,